The Province of Palladio

Vicenza, the city of Palladio: the buildings, villas, Olympic Theatre and Rotonda Villa are the artistic wonders of the city, a Unesco World Heritage site. In the surrounding province, an area that, besides providing the proof of the genius of one of Italy’s greatest architects, Andrea Palladio, offers the visitor all manner of opportunities to delve into art, history and the liveliest of ongoing traditions.



From the most renowned to the smallest, the museums in and around Vicenza are a unique reference point for anyone wanting to get to know the area, its curiosities and its past.

Palladio’s Masterpieces

Andrea Palladio was a sixteenth century architect who re-modelled the look of Vicenza and the Venetian countryside with villas and buildings designed for the nobility.

Vicenza and its Province

Every city, every town, every village has a story to tell, a treasure chest to reveal: a trip in and around Vicenza through its main urban centres.


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Discover the territory

24 – 48 – 72 hours

Three recommended itineraries for getting to know Vicenza and its province should you have one, two or three days to spare. The not-to-be-missed villas, monuments and museums.


We unveil the area's patrimony of great wine and food consisting of traditional dishes, farm products, meat, freshwater fish and a huge variety of wines and spirits.


On foot or by bike in search of nature, the pilgrim ways or evidence of the historical past. An array of itineraries for experiencing the territory from different angles.

Create your own trip


Are you thinking about staying for more than a day? Good idea: this area, including its ample choice of accommodation facilities, will win you over. Plenty to suit all tastes and pockets.


With over 2,500 restaurants and eateries throughout the province, Vicenza knows exactly how to win over those who love good food with a culinary offer that unites tradition and creativity.

How to get there

Vicenza is in the heart of the Veneto Region and can easily be reached by car or by high-speed and regular train. The nearest airports are Verona, Venice and Treviso.

Active Tourism

From acrobatic parks to free climbing, from paragliding to rafting, as well as a complete offer for everyone who practices sports. Your active holiday is ready and waiting.

All-inclusive ticket

Go to the city's main museums, saving money and without having to waste time at ticket offices. Here's the right solution for you. And there's also the "family" version.

Top #10

The monuments and museums that just have to be seen otherwise you will never be able to say that you've been to Vicenza and its province. Take the time to see them all!