The 52 Tunnel Road on Mount Pasubio, is a unique construction that has no comparison along the entire front of the war between Italy and Austria. It is a 6300-metre long, military mule road, of which a good 2,300 metres are tunnelled and the rest hewn out of the rock face. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful excursions in the Venetian foothills and, in the summer, it is always a popular outing for excursionists. The walk takes about three and a half hours starting from the Xomo pass or arriving (from the latter) at Bocchetta Campiglia. The altitude range is about 800 metres but it is well worth the effort because of the spectacular tunnels, including those with several forks. A torch is essential and, above all, the excursion should not be underestimated as it is not a stroll, even though it is not particularly complicated or dangerous.

The 52 Tunnel Road was built during the First World War to create an alternative route to the motorized Scarubbi road which was under enemy observation and within range of Austro-Hungarian guns. It is an authentic masterpiece of military engineering, especially considering the period and environmental conditions in which it was constructed, as well as the speed with which it was completed. Work began on February 6th 1917 and finished in November 2017.

GPS:45.780891, 11.207240

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